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sun goddess doula

       Sun Goddess Doula 

The Sun Goddess is a Fayetteville native mother of 3 and a grandmother of 2. She is heavily influenced with the culture and guidance of her Caribbean and Latino Ancestors. The Sun Goddess embodies all that the Sun represents. Experienced support full of life, health, energy, positivity, vitality, success, self-confidence, beauty, and happiness. she is Experienced and trained to provide Doula support. 

Why Should You Have A Doula?

Having a doula present during labor, delivery, and breastfeeding can be incredibly beneficial. A doula can provide physical, emotional, and informational support throughout your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum period. During labor, a doula can help you cope with pain and suggest different positions to help you get through the process. During delivery, a doula can be a calming presence and advocate for the wishes you have discussed with your care team. Lastly, a doula can offer knowledgeable advice and support regarding breastfeeding and other postpartum issues.

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Mission Statement

Sun Goddess Doula is a professional doula service that provides spiritual, emotional , and physical support to expecting mothers and their families. Sun Goddess Doula offers knowledge and encouragement throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. When you choose Sun Goddess Doula, you can expect personalized support that meets your unique needs and desires. With the understanding that each pregnancy and birth experience is different, Sun Goddess Doula strives to empower all clients to make informed decisions and feel confident throughout the process 

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